Color, 1950s US military documentary about a nuclear bomb test on Eniwetok Atoll in the South Pacific (November 1, 1952). Contains dramatic color footage of hydrogen bomb explosions. Most of the film, however, is an extremely slow-paced build-up to this event. The film’s host [someone has identified him as actor Reed Hadley] interviews various scientists and technicians on shipdeck, while long montage sequences show naval personnel making preparations on the atoll, setting up various measuring devices.

ws Surface of ocean at night; silhouette battleship in
moonlight, nice shot (USS Estes). Also at 0:07:55.

cu Instrument panel with dials and gauges.

ws Aerial shot of islands of the Eniwetok Atoll, site of a
nuclear test. Also at 0:12:30, 0:17:30.

ws Antiaircraft guns firing into the sky.

ws Hydrogen bomb explodes, Eniwetok atoll; excellent shot of
orange fireball of nuclear explosion; shock wave crossing surface
of ocean, eerie; mushroom cloud forming.

ws USAF F84G jet airplanes, air-to-air shots (they’re
collecting air samples following a nuclear test). One jet re-fuels
in mid-air from a KB-29 tanker airplane.

ws B-29 control airplane in flight (unusual shot, shows
underside of aircraft in the air); also, B36 airplane.

ws Military helicopters on aircraft carrier.

ws Aerial shot, Eniwetok Atoll after nuclear test.

Repeat footage of nuclear explosion, as above; now a silhouette of
NYC skyline is superimposed over the blast; more mushroom clouds.

ws Beach of South Pacific desert island, rocky shore, waves;
several shots